Respect v Worcester City July 2011
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As a club we are very conscious that any support, whether dressed up as partnerships, sponsorship or advertising, should not be viewed as a one-way donation.

Supporters, vice presidents, committee members and players alike, are keen to patronise sponsors. It is of great importance that you see the benefit of any association with MAFC.

The following FREE of CHARGE added value benefits, show we work hard to promote our treasured sponsors.

Throughout the website you will see references to sponsors, with a permanent section devoted to promoting their businesses and links to take browsers through to their websites.


The “SPONSORS BOARD” is a much commented upon focal point within our clubhouse, and wherever possible any press photographs are taken using the board as a backdrop. The board is full of smaller versions of current Perimeter Boards, again provided at no extra cost.

Throughout the pre-match build up, and at half time, sponsors’ strap line sound-bites are played over the tannoy, giving a punchy 15 second or so jingle promoting your business.

We are currently looking at having another, BIGGER Sponsors’ Wall inside the clubhouse.

With a big pre-season push to try to get perimeter boards covering all four sides of the pitch, we hope to complete this new feature during October 2011.

Based on last season’s sponsors, the new wall would look a little like this.


image 1
image 1

David Hurley